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Can Menstrual Health Change a Community?

Photo © The Ruby Women Group from Global One, Mathare, Kenya. The struggles of women in poverty are many. Early pregnancies being perhaps one of the better known issues, but there is another big one, almost invisible and marked as a big taboo: menstruation. This is a story about a group of 40 women, who received a Ruby Cup and the journey of opportunities this gift sparked. Prior to this journey the women's periods were a burden. Their meager income did not allow them to buy reliable menstrual products and they were often forced to stay at home or wear the same pad (or rags) for several days. Sex for sanitation When talking about the lack of money for...

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Why Are Girls Skipping School To Sit on Sand?

Benter Oyugi is from the Mathare Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. She is one of the first beneficiaries of Femme International’s Menstrual Health Management Program that distributes Menstrual Kits and Ruby Cups. Benter is now working with the Femme team as a Program Facilitator. What would you do if you wanted to go to school but knew you were out of pads and had no money to buy a new pack? Would you skip school? Or still, go to class but have old newspapers, dry tree bark or kitchen cloths somehow stuffed in your underwear to absorb the flow? Millions of girls and women worldwide who can’t afford the monthly pads or tampons, are forced to take this decision. We had the honour to...

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Ruby Cup and access to clean water: menstrual health management in regions where water is scarce

When people read about our social impact projects in low-income countries, their first question often is: but how do they boil their cups in regions when there’s only very little access to water? The answer is simple: before donating Ruby Cups, our partners ensure that the programme participants have everything they need to use their menstrual cup safely. They make sure the girls and women who participate in the programme have access to safe facilities (toilets with a door), plus a safe way for them to boil their Ruby Cup at the end of their period. Beyond verifying that there is enough access to water, our partners’ holistic approach also includes evaluating attitudes and the general acceptance of using an internal period...

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How we make sure our donations have a positive long term impact

Six years ago, when we first started Ruby Cup and our Buy One Give One Programme, the “year of the period” was still three years ahead in the future and menstrual cups were not that much of a trend yet. The struggles with menstruation and the fact that girls and women worldwide miss school because they can’t afford healthy menstrual care products were still widely unheard of, so there were also not as many companies involved in donating menstrual products. A lot has happened since, and we’re happy to see other menstrual product companies join us by hosting Buy One Give One campaigns or make donations. But starting a Buy One Give One or One-for-One programme is not as easy...

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