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Your Guide To Using A Menstrual Cup With An IUD

 Birth control is a tremendously important concern for those in the reproductive phase of their life. People want options that are safe, readily available and convenient. An IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) often serves as a good option. As with birth control options, your period is also a significant and vital part of your reproductive lifetime. For an event that occurs approximately once a month or quite frequently, you also want to use a period product that you feel comfortable with, that is convenient and safe (- just like the IUD). It’s your way of taking control of your reproductive health, and for more and more people, the menstrual cup has become the preferred choice of period product for managing menstruation. But...

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Ruby Cup and access to clean water: menstrual health management in regions where water is scarce

When people read about our social impact projects in low-income countries, their first question often is: but how do they boil their cups in regions when there’s only very little access to water? The answer is simple: before donating Ruby Cups, our partners ensure that the programme participants have everything they need to use their menstrual cup safely. They make sure the girls and women who participate in the programme have access to safe facilities (toilets with a door), plus a safe way for them to boil their Ruby Cup at the end of their period. Beyond verifying that there is enough access to water, our partners’ holistic approach also includes evaluating attitudes and the general acceptance of using an internal period...

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“More powerful together” – A few thoughts on IWD2019

The United Nations’ official theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “More Powerful Together”: a call to stand in unison for gender equality. “It takes all of us, working in collaboration and across that which sometimes divides us, breaking down stereotypes and gendered roles to create a world where women and girls everywhere have equal rights and opportunities,” the UN says. “Close the gender pay gap, close the leadership gap and to ensure women have equal opportunities to lean and learn. We also want to create safer communities so women can live life free from violence and oppression.” Moreover, a group of United Nations rights experts has called for global action to break the taboo around menstrual health. “It...

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Water quality: how to clean your menstrual cup with non-drinking tap water

Let’s say you’re traveling around South-East Asia and know you’ll get your period during your trip. You’re all set with your Ruby Cup already packed into your backpack and quite smug about how you only have to bring one small period product vs. a toiletry bag full of disposables period products. But then you stop dead in your tracks when you realize: what if you’re in a place where you’re not sure about the quality of the tap water? Or where there’s no running tap water at all! Don’t worry, we’re here with the answer to that question so you’ll know exactly how to handle your menstrual cup while traveling. Rinsing vs. Boiling your menstrual cup First though, we need...

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This is how our NGO partner ‘be artsy’ fights Chhaupadi in Nepal

In 2005 the Government of Nepal declared the practice of Chhaupadi illegal, and since 2018 it has been considered a criminal offense with explicit consequences. However, there are areas in Nepal where faith in tradition is stronger than the law. How does Chhaupadi impact menstruating girls and women? The Chhaupadi tradition considers menstruating girls and women as impure and deprives them of their most basic needs. They are: – Forbidden from entering the family home, instead, they stay in cattle sheds or makeshift huts – Forbidden from touching men and/or food others will consume – Forbidden from consuming milk, yogurt, butter, meat, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods – Forbidden from crossing water so some are restricted from attending school Those...

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