Get Started with a Menstrual Cup

Have you ever considered there was more to menstruation than tampons and pads? Menstrual cups are the new menstrual trend, many women have made the switch already and would never go back.

Don’t be afraid of change, making the transition from tampons to cups is simple and is a positive choice for your body and your life. We show you how to get started with a menstrual cup.

Using a cup for the first time

Change your product, change your life. Worldwide women are already using (and loving) menstrual cups and have discovered the many benefits.

If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, follow these three easy steps to help you get started:

1. Relax

Get comfortable. Choose somewhere you feel relaxed, maybe your bathroom at home. Find a comfortable position, the same position you sit or stand in to insert a tampon.

Relax. Take your time.

try it out

2. Try it out

Folding. Your cup must be folded to insert, try different folding techniques to find one that suits your body best. Our FAQs tell you more.
Practice makes perfect. A ‘dry trial’ before your period helps to get used to insertion and  removal. Wetting your cup with water can make insertion even easier.

take your time

3. Take your time

Don’t worry if it takes you a few cycles to get used to your cup and what feels best, trying  something new takes a little time and patience.

Ask. If your friends or sisters use menstrual cups, ask for some tips, girlfriends are always great for advice.

These first steps will make the change smooth and simple!
Have a look at our easy How To Use guide for step-by-step information.

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Switching is simple

Making the change from another menstrual product is easier than you may think. Using a menstrual cup is very similar to using tampons, just with improved health benefits – no irritation or drying out.

Menstrual cups are the modern alternative owing to the fact that they are environmentally conscious and super healthy. Check out the Ruby Cup Benefits to see what a Ruby Cup can do for you.

If you struggle switching from tampons to Ruby Cup, you can try out the size Small first. That might seem easier. Here a sum up of our the Ruby Cup dimensions.

Ruby Cup Small Ruby

For light to medium flow

Diameter Capacity
to the Rim
to the holes
46 mm 19 mm 65 mm 40 mm 24 ml 19 ml

Ruby Cup Medium RubyRuby

For medium to heavy flow

Diameter Capacity to
the Rim
Capacity to
the holes
51 mm 17 mm 68 mm 45 mm 34 ml 24 ml

Still in doubt?

No worries, take time to get to know your body and your options. We spoke to menstrual cup users to find out their first worries and initial impressions. Have a look at some of their stories here to see how women just like you made the change. Make the right choice for you.

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Learn more

Made the change? Ready to switch? Have a look at our additional information that will help you with insertion, cleaning and any period problems or concerns you may have: